Carpe Died – Cease the day

Watching ‘Dead Poet’s Society’ infused me with a new sense of living. I switched the television off, and, told myself – “Live a little!”

I felt like suddenly I had to experience everything and every emotion, today itself because lets face it, Robin Williams told me to “seize the day!”

I set out hoping to fulfill these innate desires, hoping someone would lend me an adventure. I walked and walked, even carried a funky looking umbrella on a bright, sunny day; hoping someone would ask me why I have it.

But no such luck! Life was going on outside, while the revolution was on inside. How did Kerouac manage to have those crazy experiences? Surely, people around him must have been that crazy too, how else, does one end up writing ‘On the Road’?

I marched along the road, and reached the garden on the corner. It was empty and sordid, much like its slide and monkey bars. Adventure.

Oh! Come on, there’s got to be someone out here, willing to give me a story, a moment, a pathetic emotion? How am I supposed to feel alive? How do I seize my day? Is no one going to help me?

Maybe I should just sit down in this park and write in my diary. Maybe wise words will come to me, and, I too will write my version and call it – At the park.!

O me! O Life! The answer– the power play goes on and you may contribute a verse. Well, this is me. Sitting and looking around; just hoping this day would cease.

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