Calcutta – a brief holiday

“The fastest way to get to Salt Lake City is by bus” said a truthful and honest cabbie. Salt Lake City, Calcutta, is far from the city centre. I hopped onto the A.C bus waiting for it to start and lead me out of the small but capable airport. I gazed out of the window as my ride began. Everywhere I looked I saw the ominous yellow; the indigenous yellow taxi. Little did I know then, that in my 5 day stay I would be frequenting them the most.

Calcutta is the capital of W. Bengal and is located on the east bank of the Hooghly river. When I first decided to go there, I didn’t think I would see characteristic streets and a slow paced life, a blend, of the old & uncertain acceptance of the new. From the Victoria Memorial to drinking coffee to Flury’s in Park Street, to watching the Durga Puja idols being made from scratch to visiting the birthplace of Rabindranath Tagore. For a moment I forgot where I was when I purchased a five rupee ticket to sit in a tram. That’s what Calcutta does – It takes you back. Back to soft rivers, small boats, frivolous hand-rickshaws, slow trams, quaint coffee houses; a culture that stands on its own and feels no need to keep up with the ever – changing demands of the West.

Though it is advanced in its own way, with well connected bridges like the Howrah bridge and the extremely efficient metro. Calcutta, is a delight for the passionate photographer – amateur or expert because everywhere you look, you see a moment worth capturing, an overwhelming yet timeless painting of life.ImageImage

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