It had been done with, the sordid, ghastly act.

Surprisingly, I didn’t cry as much as I had assumed I would.

Life didn’t get hazy. In fact, it didn’t get grey at all. I went to work and went on with the rigmarole. Night fell and I still didn’t feel alone. Changing into my pyjamas getting under the sheets with no familiar touch. No, I still didn’t feel alone.

The lock clicked open and the burglar of my dreams walked in. Yes, the minor mistake of a key copy which had not been returned to me. We stared at each other with nothing but a pool of silence between us. Then he came and slept next to me.

Yes, now I felt lonely.

Morning came and he went on out my pastel door. The sun was shining bright as ever and no I wasn’t lonely.

Life was waiting, the rigmarole calling, the chasm deepening and my soul was flying. I would never be alone.

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