An Ode To A Rhyme

To laugh at something sad

never came easy to me

thought it didn’t seem so bad

people could laugh at tea

some even at a death.


I once met a man who said

tears are a form of being happy

rise early and go earlier to bed

do your work and make money

if you cry then consider yourself lucky!


another time I met a woman

who never did have a mate

she said make merry and have gin

come what may it is fate

if you can laugh at yourself, dear, you’re ahead!


I came back home and pondered these words

was their much laughter left for me?

they seemed like two birds

clearly stung by the same bee


but the essence of it rung a bell

time was simple

if you don’t make it hell

it could be ample


find your rhymes and merry

and maybe somewhere you’ll meet

your own personal guardian fairy

giving you hope for your heart to beat.


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